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Feb. 19 is Football v. Homophobia Day

The Justin Campaign has chosen Feb. 19 as the day to fight against homophobia in soccer. They're hoping it becomes an annual event; This year they're launching it in the UK (where the group is based. And even without the FA commercial, they're moving on.

On February 19th 2010, The Justin Campaign are launching an initiative, Football v Homophobia, to raise awareness of homophobia in amateur and professional football; to unite clubs, players and fans internationally by using the game of football to bring communities together in opposing hate and intolerance in the world's favourite sport.

After listening to our partners and supporters, The Justin Campaign believe that to tackle homophobia in football effectively a collective show of opposition needs to be made by all involved to get a message of zero tolerance across to the perpetrators of homophobic insults and abuse.

We intend that Football v Homophobia on Feb 19th will become the one day out of each year where individuals, community groups & teams and clubs internationally can express their disapproval of homophobia in football by celebrating under the banner of Football v Homophobia.

The launch in the UK this year will also coincide with LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) History Month, a full month of activity celebrating the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. We hope that you can express your support for the day and ensure that this initiative significantly changes how LGBT people are perceived and treated in football. You don't have to be a football fan or sports group to back the campaign.