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Jamie Sale rips Evgeni Plushenko

Thoughts from a busy Wednesday in Vancouver:

2002 Olympic Pairs Champion Jamie Sale took a few shots at Russian Skater, Evgeni Plushenko. Sale, while speaking to the media, said, "I don't buy his skating, his artistry, and I don't the marks he receives. His skating is not believable." Hmmmm, so iIm assuming Sale is not a fan of Plushenko, who leads heading into Thursday night's men's long program. ...

I waited all day long to hear about Johnny Weir response to his sixth-place finish in the short program. I thought for sure he'd have something to say, and thank God he didn't. Let's hope he's resting and focusing on the long program. ...

The men's long program will probably be talked about for decades, and have a place in Olympic history. You have three former world champions and the reigning Olympic champion. Any sort of miscue or misstep, not textbook perfect, would be heavily reflected in marks. ...

There are other sports besides skating, believe it or not. American Lindsay Vonn proved that she is the "Goddess of Downhill." The two-time World Cup champion, and this year World Cup points leader, finally struck Olympic gold, despite an injury. Prior to the start of the Olympics, Vonn said she was unsure she could compete due to a shin injury sustained two weeks prior. Vonn was extremely emotional about her downhill win, crying as she was talking to reporters. Vonn who has been touted as the best U.S. female skiier, has proved why she's deserving of that title. It's nice to good things happening to good people. ...

Shaun White showed why he is "Chairman" of the men's halfpipe. White, 23, defended his Olympic title, and will probably end up with another dozen endorsement deals, not that the kid already isn't a multimillionaire. I'm no snowboarder, but i'd have to say his performances today were "totally awesome dude!"...

Americans win the gold and bronze in the men's 1,000-meter speedskating. Shani Davis defended his Olympic title, and Chad Hendrick, who wasn't expected to medal in this event, took third. These two are not the best of friends, but were nice to enough to shake hands.

All in all, I would have to say that today Team USA dominated the Olympics. If the Canadians can't medal, I'm glad my neighbors can.

Correction: This original post had a paragraph that referred to a text received about a women's skating practice and is referenced by readers in the comments below. This paragraph has now been removed. There was no practice and the writer and Outsports regret the error.

Update from Chad Conley:

Today I woke up to see my latest blog had been posted. Let me tell you, this has been quite experience, both good and bad.

I've never ventured into the world of writing. Hell, I see more corrections on my essays at school, more then I usually hope to. But the instructor usually says he likes my paper, but to watch my punctuation and remember to use spell check. English Literature is such a nightmare.

I think all of us to an extent expect a ton of perfection, and very few mistakes. This is where we all fall short. I have made mistakes in some of my blog posts, some caught by the editors and some not. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Yesterday I made a big error. While I was busy sleeping off an illness, I relied on some a text message I had received regarding a women’s skating practice. Now, you would think I would know when, where, who and what time these practices are going on. Sadly I should have checked into the validity of these texts.

I feel bad that I posted on an activity that never took place. I am not all about making up some story like you would find in some gossip rag. I'm sorry. I'm pissed that I relied on a text message without taking the extra step to verify it. But just because I received the text, doesn't mean I needed to blog about it.

This blog thing was supposed to be about having fun and I screwed up. I really do hope we can focus on the positive aspects of the Olympics going forward.