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Who cares if Tim Tebow is pro-life?

The above is the headline on a debate at The League, the NFL blog of the Washington Post. I was asked to weigh in and wrote my piece with the angle that fans have every right to root for against a player based on their views. I also detailed the conflict I had with being a Colts fan when Tony Dungy was their coach.

I was furious when then-Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy raised money in 2007 for the Indiana Family Institute, a political lobbying group opposed to gay rights. That act instantly made Colts haters out of many gay NFL fans I know. The irony for me was that I am a Colts fan and stayed one despite what Dungy did. This points out the irrationality of being a sports fan. I was able to compartmentalize my anger at Dungy and kept rooting for his players, whose views on the subject were a mystery to me.

I got a very nice compliment from Emil, the editor of the page, who e-mailed me that "I've never read a better description of the 'irrationality of being a sports fan.' " All the pieces on this issue are worthwhile, and would also love to hear your views.