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Bode Miller -- hanging on

Miller ran the super-G on his downhill skis, instead of shifting to shorter skis. "It's really icy on the top and I thought the downhill skis would be the fastest," he said. "And they were. Then I figured all I had to do was hang on." The strategy of going faster at the top, because snow was softer at the bottom and slowing skiiers down, got him silver in the super-G, then gold in the super combined.

"Hanging on" has always been Bode's approach -- then and now. He's still an avalanche in human form -- just doing it better and smarter than he did at Torino 4 years ago, when his life and his sports career were careening off the course. These days, he's managing the avalanche so the force all goes in a more productive direction.

Next, Bode is going back to tennis. He says he's hoping to qualify for the U.S. Open under the new national playoff system, where he could get a wild-card entry into the qualifying tournament. Miller won the Maine state singles title when he was in high school.

Bode playing tennis the way he skis? I won't want to miss it.