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NCAA gives blessing to Focus on the Family ads

As if watching Focus on the Family pimp their perspective on life during the Super Bowl wasn't bad enough, word has it that is running banners for the group, and that CBS plans to run their commercials during the NCAA basketball tournament with the NCAA's blessing. Pat Griffin writes:

Ok, we endured the Focus on the Family Ted Tebow anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl (along with a lot of other ads demeaning women). But now,, is also carrying a banner ad for Focus on the Family. I hear that CBS, the network that brought us the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad, is also covering the Men's NCAA Tournament, and plan to air these ads throughout the tournament with the complete complicity, consent and support of the NCAA.

You can reach the NCAA via:

Call NCAA Public Relations: 317-917-6762
Call NCAA Main Number: 317-917-6222
Email NCAA Public Relations: