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That was fast. Within 24 hours of Pat Griffin sounding the alarm that the NCAA had accepted and blessed TV and internet ads from the hate group Focus on the Family, she's gotten word that has pulled the group's ads. More from Pat Griffin:

I just received a copy of the NCAA's Advertising and Promotional Standards. It is clear to me that running the Focus on the Family ads is in complete violation of the these standards. A few excerpts from the standards:

The NCAA's advertising and promotional standards are designed to encourage those advertisements and advertisers that support the NCAA's ideals and exclude those advertisements and advertisers (and others who wish to associate with NCAA activities) that do not appear to be in the best interests of higher education and student-athletes.

The NCAA strives to be associated with entities and messages that:

• Support diversity, gender equity, nondiscrimination, physical fitness, healthy behaviors, youth development, sportsmanship, ethical conduct, academic standards, student-athlete welfare and amateurism.

Pat has also started a Facebook group to fight the ads during the NCAA basketball tournament on CBS.