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Ode to a Bobsledding Bear

Okay, so shoot me for not getting into the Winter Olympics until the US shocked the Canadians on Sunday in hockey. So in my research, I discovered Steven Holcomb. Oh. My. God. This man is drop dead gorgeous. In fact... I've actually written poetry about him. So now I present to you a sonnet, Ode to a Bobsledding Bear:

Steven Holcomb, our American bobsledding bear.
He leads the USA's team with strength and grace.
He and his men make the other bobsledders despair!
And now, in Vancouver, the bear wants first place!

His stocky body and full face belie,
The fierce warrior that burns inside.
The steel, resolve, and command in his eye.
And he conquers, with a graceful slide.

The bobsledders he leads have strength and power:
Tomasevitz, Olson, and Mesler, their names.
They all want to be the men of the hour.
But Holcomb is the bear I praise in these games.

Steven, make your statement to the world. This bear is great!
Bring us home the first American bobsled gold since 1948!

(Thank you, Josh Pangborn.)