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Donny Deutsch: Not enough gays watch football

Outspoken advertising maven Donny Deutsch has weighed in on the rejected Mancrunch ad for the Super Bowl saying not enough gays watch football to warrant the ad buy. He told Larry King:

It's hard to argue that it makes sense to reach a very targeted audience of gay males in America by advertising to this mass audience. So you can't say with a straight face that that was a smart media buy, can ya?

"Straight face"? Cute, Donny. I guess it depends on what the company is trying to accomplish with the ad buy. Plus, the site isn't just geared toward gay men, it's geared toward men who want to have sex with other men. That's not double-speak: There are plenty of men who identify as straight who end up on sites looking for hook-ups with other guys. And what better spot to reach men than the Super Bowl?

Check out Donny and the panel on the subject after the jump.

Even worse is jackass Dennis Prager on the Larry King panel who calls the ad "advocacy." Because everything gay has to be advocacy. He says he doesn't want parents having to answer questions about two men hugging. I guess he's OK with kids watching four hours of alcohol commercials, though. Again, he's a jackass.

Plus, the guy who created the ad says it cost $100k to produce. Looks like it cost $100. Ugh.