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PRIDE House in Vancouver

Elsewhere on Outsports, we have an update on the PRIDE House being established at the Whistler resort for the Olympics.

PRIDE House is the brainstorm of Dean Nelson, who organizes gay ski week at the Whistler Resort. The space inside a hotel is modeled after similar houses for athletes of various nationalities; there is a Dutch house and German house at each Games, for example.

The idea is to create a meeting area where gay and lesbian spectators and volunteers can meet and socialize in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Don't expect any competing gay jocks to show up, given how virtually none are publicly out. But former Canadian Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury said PRIDE House is the " the right venue in the right city at the right time." Fellow Olympian, diver Greg Louganis, agrees. He says Pride House is important as a symbol for athletes. "It will help them with their own personal journey so as not to feel like (they're) the only one."