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Johnny Weir's furs and tights

As a fan of figure skater Johnny Weir, I'm now pretty convinced he's headed for trouble in Vancouver. I don't know his training regimen, but it seems from the outside that he's focusing on everything but skating lately. No doubt you've heard of the controversy over his fur-laden skating outfit; While he'll be wearing fake fur at the Olympics, it didn't stop him from fighting back in an interview with the Advocate:

Things like ‘We hope you die, we're going to piss on your grave, we'd like you to be killed the same way as the fox for your costume.' Lots of things about my death. So I wanted to release an open statement. I didn't want everyone in the world thinking I went hunting daily for foxes. I'll change the costume, but it doesn't change my opinion about wearing fur.

About the perception of him as gay, and men in tights, he recently told HBO Sports:

I am an effeminate person. I like sparkly things. ... But I think it's the music and costumes that turn most men off, cause they want to see spandex men hitting each other's ass and throwing a ball.