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The Wishing Well: Secrets among men

This is not sports-related, though who knows in the future. I was just made aware of a new site that is pretty addicting -- The Wishing Well, an anonymous forum where men can post their innermost secrets. Love, betrayal, longing, humor ... it's all there.

Such as the one that begins, "i cheat on you every night…" or "Ralph, we used to have great sex in high school. What happened to us?" Or the one that starts, Alex, I’m sorry that I lied to you." All the posts are very short but make their point effectively.

It's a terrific concept and hope the revelations stay as genuine as this first batch does. It is the brainchild of Mark Adnum of Australia, who e-mailed me how it started:

It came out of a romantic weekend a little while back, plus some of the other secret sharing sites ... I have been really blown away by how many people have streamed to the site so far - 5,000 over this weekend alone - and the contributions, all of which are original and anonymous, are fascinating.

The site reminds me of Post Secret, the awesome idea where people share their most private thoughts on a postcard. Coincidentally, this one was on the Post Secret home page today: