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Barack Obama's NCAA picks not so hot this year

Last year President Barack Obama was heralded as a genius and good luck charm for picking the favorite (North Carolina) to win the NCAA tournament (they did). This year, not so much. Obama's final four of Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State and Villanova went up in flames this weekend; It seems playing the chalk this year didn't work out quite as well as it did last year.

If Obama had entered the Outsports contest, he'd be tied for 106th (out of 253). Still, that's not terrible: He picked 25 of the first round games correctly (including 12-seed Cornell and 13-seed Murray State winning). That beats our very own Jim Buzinski (who's tied for 118th). I'm not quite sure how I'm tied for 14th; I guess picking Duke over Baylor in the South final certainly helped.