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College runner's coming out journey

We have a terrific first-person account about the coming out journey of a collegiate cross country runner. While he allows us to use the name of his school, he is using a pseudonym for now since he wants to come out to his teammates in person (we know his identity).

I find most interesting his relationship with being gay and a practicing Christian. He writes that coming to terms with his sexual orientation has brought him closer to his faith:

My relationship with Christ has been growing stronger since I came to terms with my sexuality because there is no place in the Bible that condemns homosexuality. Just because I am gay does not mean that my interpretation of Christianity is any different from another’s. The Bible says the same message to all who open up to the Word, and just as Christ does not change, the Bible never changes. I am no different from any other Christian in my beliefs. I am just different in my personal life, which should not have anything to do with my faith.

Downloading porn on his church's computer while in high school did make him feel guilty, though. I recommend you read his entire article.