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Closeted high school runner's blog

It seems like there's a new closeted athlete blogging every month, and March is no different. Meet Jon, a high school freshman in the Pacific Northwest, who calls himself the Rainbow Runner. He started posting February 20 and has already logged about a dozen posts. Only one person knows he's gay, his best friend Kevin.

Ok well i will explain to you guys about my friendship with Kevin because he is probably one of the only friends that i will talk about on this blog. He is my bestest friend and literally knows every little thing about me. I wanted to come out to him on January 1, 2010 because i was like hey its a brand new decade start it off right! but i had to wait until January 3! It was like 3:30 in the morning and we were telling each other everything and i was like i have something to tell you. He basically came out for me which i am happy he did because i would never have been able to say I am gay to him.

He talks at length about track and cross-country (he's a distance runner), posting his daily workout on the blog. He's a dedicated athlete, and in his first practice for spring track it already started paying off:

Track started today! and our first run went great! Once all of the specific groups split up the distance people went out on a run. After like about a mile everyone seperated out into groups. I was in the front group with 2 seniors and another freshmen. But by the end of our run it was just me 1 senior and the other freshmen! That truely made my day because it let me know that all of the hard work that i put in this winter logging miles and doing workouts while my friends hungout payed off.

As a high school standout sprinter and distance runner myself, I'm excited to read more of Jon's exploits as he moves through this spring track season and as he comes out to more people.

With all that said, I can't verify that Jon is in fact exactly who and what he says he is. Hopefully he is.