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Kent State women's rugby welcomes lesbians

Imagine coming out to your college rugby team and being met with: "Oh that's cool. Pass the salt." That's what lesbians coming out on the Kent State rugby have experienced as more and more of them come out. There are straights and lesbians on the team, and what they've built is a welcoming environment for both. From Campus Progress and Fusion Magazine:

Once I introduce myself, a few women volunteer to be interviewed. We stand off to the side of the pitch while the rest practice. As the women form a semicircle in front of me and I tell them more about the story I’m working on, Kayla Maroney tells me she’s gay.

“I didn’t know you were gay,” senior costume design major Tasha Walls says, surprised not by the confession, but rather by the fact that she didn’t already know.

“Yep,” Maroney says. The conversation continues as if Maroney, a junior psychology major, had been commenting about the muddy state of the pitch that afternoon.