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Weekend Hot Jocks: Two MMA fighters

We got an email this week from some folks representing an MMA event this weekend called Total Fighting Alliance, streaming live on Saturday, April 17, 7pmPT. We told them we'd promote the event if they gave us some pics for our Weekend Hot Jock: They were happy too! See, shirtless straight guys care less and less if gay guys are watching long as they're getting paid.

Anyhow, meet two MMA fighters featured in this weekend's event: Bradlee Crihfield and Charles Dera. Crihfield's 24 and lives in Long Beach, Calif. While Crihfield has the puppy dog eyes, Dera's got the intriguing background: A porn actor, underwear model and Chippendale who's taken his physique to MMA.

More pics and video after the jump.