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Dez Bryant doesn't like that his mother's gay

Dez Bryant was uncomfortable with his mother being gay back in 2010.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So much is wrong with the Dallas Morning News' article today profiling Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, who is headed to the NFL this weekend. First is the multiple uses of the term "sexual preference" to describe Bryant's mother being a lesbian. I contacted the Morning News and got them to change it online to "sexual orientation," since "sexual preference" has been listed in the AP Stylebook as a term to avoid since at least 2006. Unfortunately, it went out in the print edition as "sexual preference." It's shocking to me that the sports staff at a major newspaper would not be aware of this; Thankfully, I think they are now and very much appreciate their quick response to the issue!

Then there's Bryant's unapologetic admission that he doesn't like his mother being gay:

Mother and son don't believe in secrets. Honesty, even if it hurts, is the foundation of their relationship.

That's how they worked through Angela's change in sexual preference. Dez was in high school when he learned his mother was no longer interested in romantic relationships with men.

"I didn't like it. Really, I still don't," he said. "I dealt with it and now I'm comfortable with it."

Angela broached the topic with him because she didn't want her sexuality creating a wedge between them.

"It hurt me that it hurt him. I'm very happy about the relationship that we have," Angela said. "I wasn't close with my parents, so it's important for me to be close with my kids.

How in hell is it still OK to say you don't like that people are gay? And why is anyone giving this suspended college dropout the platform to say it?

Imagine if one of Bryant's teammates said they didn't like him being black. What if he said he doesn't like the fact that the Mayor of Houston is a woman? That's the outcry the sports media should be making right now, because that's the equivalent. Why is it still OK to say you don't like that ANYONE is gay? Grrrrrr.