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Tim Tebow drafted by Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow must be ecstatic -- not only was he drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos, his new home will be only 69 miles from Colorado Springs, home to Focus on the Family. He can practice in the morning and cut an advocacy ad in the evening.

This also means that the Broncos will be Cyd's favorite team -- the Broncos now have Tebow AND Brady Quinn. Tebow being taken No. 25 surprised most all draft analysts, especially since he was taken ahead of Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, considered a more pro-ready QB.I hated that Round 1 was shown on a weeknight instead of the traditional Saturday. Like a lot of people on the West Coast, I was not able to be by a TV at 4:30, and missed virtually the entire round. Hard to imagine how this was an improvement for anyone living outside the Eastern or Central time zones.