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Is hockey kid Mikey a hoax?

May 20, 2010 update: Mikey found to be a deception

Original article:

This will be a short post and I will follow up, but there is something weird going on with "Mikey," the teen-age hockey player-blogger I first wrote about in December. On the front of his site is a post by "Jimmy," a Canadian student and Mikey devotee saying that Mikey is a "40-somethin dude who lives in Minnesota."

Jimmy's post is a rambling take on being deceived and lied to by someone (Mikey) he fell in love with. What is odd is that parts of the post have Mikey's writing style ("K I’m rambling n I’m not thinkin clearly neway.") Jimmy wrote for Outsports during the Olympics, and this post seems out of his writing character.

There is also a post by Madeleine that says, "It’s sad that this was all a lie." There is also a forum thread on Mikey's site where readers discuss the issue.

Is Mikey a fraud? Is Mikey real, but now claiming he's a fraud so he can disappear, go to college and not be bothered with being discovered? I will post a longer piece when I can get more information. Anyone with information on the issue, please post below or e-mail me (