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Stanford-UConn sets women's basketball back

It was one of the most anticipated women's basketball games in the last couple years: Connecticut trying to complete a perfect season, and Stanford, the last team to beat UConn, hoping to do it again. What we got was dreadful.

The halftime score of 20-12 (and Stanford was up!) doesn't begin to demonstrate the bad play that abounded in the women's championship game, eventually won by Connecticut. There were bad shots. Bad passes. REALLY bad lay-ups. I've enjoyed women's basketball in the past, but to have this much-heralded game turn out like a junior high school game...If i was tuning in to give women's basketball a chance, I'd tune right out again. At one point in the second half the shooting percentages: Stanford 23%, UConn 17%. In contrast to the Tennessee-Stanford game a couple years ago, this was tough to watch: The 53-47 score was the lowest combined total in the history of the NCAA title game.

At least Stanford made a game of it. But after going up 8 at halftime, they fell apart as UConn started hitting the occasional shot.

Now we have to wonder how UConn's run stacks up amongst the greatest team athletic achievements of all time. They have won 78 games in a row, and their closest game was Tuesday's 6-point win over Stanford. They trailed more in the second half on Tuesday than they had in the previous 77 games combined. They played 27 ranked teams in that time, winning those games by an average of 25 points. If this was a men's team, it would be heralded as one of the greatest American sports teams of all time. Is it?