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A gay baseball fan's top hotties

Justin, who writes the blog A Gay College Guy in Virginia, lists his eight hottest baseball players, in time for the start of the season. His top hottie is David Wright of the New York Mets (right).

And for my number one, David Wright! Dude is amazing looking and is a great ball player. ... He’s been on the all-star team the past four years running. He’s 6-0, 210, 28 and the number one hot baseball player on my list!

Justin's list is an acceptable as any. Of his picks, I would have to go with Mark DeRosa, whom Justin describes thusly:

This guys is has amazing arms. I love a buff guy and you can tell by the picture this guy keeps in shape. He plays third and outfield for the Giants. He another tall one at 6-1, 205.

Check out Justin's complete list. Who would you add?