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Four athletes make AfterElton Hot 100

Four athletes made this year's AfterElton Hot 100. Ben Cohen (77), David Beckham (49) and Matthew Mitcham (16) all return for the second straight year, though they all dropped in ranking; And this year recently out Gareth Thomas (55) joins the group. It's one more than last year.

Athletes are unquestionably underrepresented on this list. There is simply no way David Williams (right) is not hotter and more gay-friendly than at least a few of the guys on that list. But as we said last year, AfterElton focuses on TV, movie and music, so the men in those worlds are highly represented. If we asked our readers to pick a Hot 100, there probably wouldn't be a Broadway actor in the bunch because we're a sports site and our readers would probably find more common interest in athletes than anything else.