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Awards: Best of the Opening Ceremony

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Cutest city: Cologne. While visiting Berlin, my partner and I were surprised by how few men we found really attractive. No such shortage in Cologne, and the host team was well-represented. Close second: France.

Most gregarious: Cheer San Francisco. No surprise here. They were everywhere doing tosses into the air and seemingly acting as the welcoming committee for the opening ceremony.

Most coordinated: Stuttgart. I didn't see a single member of the team who didn't have on the blue team shirt and didn't have at least a couple (if not a dozen) blue balloons attached to himself.

Most common uniform color: Red. At one point I went up to the Belgian team and talked to them about Belgium...only to find out they were Canadian and their uniform looked identical. The fact that host Cologne wore red certainly contributed.

Craziest costumes: See exhibit A from France to the right. Wow.

Team I most wanted to be a part of: Team DC. Not sure why, it's just a gut feeling. They were incredibly friendly, seemingly well-organized, and I didn't see bigger smiles on any other team.

Loudest: South Africa. It's impossible to compete with the vuvuzelas.

Legacy Award: One of the great things about the Gay Games is there are people you get to see once every four years. As this was my third Gay Games, it was great to see the faces of a few people I only see at these events: Steve Nick from Seattle and Trent Hagler from Dallas are two such guys whom I was thrilled to see.

Hottest attraction: There were a couple. First up is John Amaechi. Despite being a Gay Games Ambassador, the former NBA player didn't take up his spot with the VIPs but rather decided to march with the athletes. Very cool. And with a dearth of skin given the wet conditions, the volleyball team from Thailand certainly drew a crowd. Also: Team Iceland in their all-black.

Most familiar faces: Impossible to pick just one. Saw people we knew from everywhere, but lots of familiar faces with the teams from Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.

Most-fun (or funnest?) costumes: The Hot Scots FC from Scotland. The kilts were good, but the checkered hats with the fake red hair stole the show.