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Roses Are Red... And So Are Fields?

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Boise State is going into the season ranked #5 in the Coaches' Poll. And the first thing many people think about when they say Boise State is that insane blue field they've got up there. Well, someone at Eastern Washington University saw that pretty little 5 by Boise State's name and a light bulb turned on above their head.

They're in the process of installing a brand new turf field into their stadium. And if you thought it was just your plain standard green, well... feast your eyes on this:

RED Field

That's right, they've gone with solid, blood red for their new field. They've got an online poll set up to give this abomination a name (current leader is "The Inferno"). They've also got a webcam up to show the completion of the installation.

So what do you think? Is this a good investment of the University's athletics program, or just some shoddy gimmick that should be purified with flames?

Post what you think below!