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Out lesbian making noise in the boxing ring

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An out lesbian is making noise in the boxing ring with a big personality and some hard hits. Boxing “bad girl” Melissa “Huracan” Hernandez of the Bronx returned to New Mexico on Aug. 14 to claim the interim WIBA Lightweight title in an eight-round battle with Albuquerque’s Victoria Cisneros. The fight was the featured match of a sold-out event at the Santa Ana Star Casino. From one report:

For eight rounds the smaller Hernandez dominated Cisneros with hard precise shots, demonstrating foot work, skill and strength as the two battled for the entire eight rounds. Hernandez proved her mettle as a warrior as she punished and bloodied Cisneros, who refused to back down from the onslaught of body and head shots and overhand rights. The fury continued several seconds after the eighth round bell as both fighters continued to trade punches, the bell drowned out by the crowd, who were out of their seats and cheering them on.

With her fourth title secured, Hernandez spoke about the fight.

Cisneros is a lot bigger than me and it kinda actually scared me a little when she took everything I had and didn’t go out. But this fight was me saying what I've always said- win, lose or draw, I put on a show, and I am 'womyn’s boxing.'

We'll be following Hernandez's career in the coming months.