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Gay Games ban random drug testing

It seems that cooler heads have prevailed as the Federation of Gay Games has voted, 48-4, to permanently ban across-the-board random drug testing at the Games. From Roger Brigham of the Bay Area Reporter:

The immediate effect of the motion is to restore the policies used in 2006 in Chicago, in which three sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting, and wrestling) each had a testing policy designed specifically for that sport based on stakeholder dialogue, and no testing occurred in the remaining sports. The door is now open for other sports to have drug testing, but only if there are community conversations in each of those sports to identify the need for and goal of drug testing and how it can best be accomplished.

Former FGG president Gene Dermody wrote a great piece for us before the latest Gay Games outlining some great arguments against the drug testing pursued by the organizers in Cologne.