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Northwestern coach makes players hold hands

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Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald has had enough of in-camp fighting between his team members, and the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein reported on Fitzgerald's unique way of dealing with it. Via Twitter:

Funniest moment from #Northwestern practice: Two players scuffle, take some swings at each other's helmets ...

You guys are idiots!" Fitz (head coach Pat Fitzgerald) yells. Then the two had to step off the field and walk a lap, holding hands.

I certainly wouldn't mind walking a lap holding Fitzgerald's hand!

I wonder if the holding-hands response is a deterrent or a cure. That is, is it designed to deter the guys from fighting because they don't want to be caught holding a dude's hand...or is it a cure because they bond holding hands for that lap?

Hat tip to Mark F. in Dallas, via SportsByBrooks.