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Tyson Gay wants out of Usain Bolt's shadow

Tyson Gay is having an identity crisis, and it has nothing to do with his last name. The American was supposed to be the great sprinter of his time. Then along came Usain Bolt. Gay has talked a lot about how he's going to beat Bolt and regain the world's-fastest-man title. And when Gay beat Bolt at a meet in Stockholm a few weeks ago, he finally had something to crow about (of course, he wasn't talking about his sub-par time of 9.84, the fact that Bolt never races well on that track, or that Bolt was injured).

Now Gay is talking about running the 400m. Why? Ten bucks says it's to move his legacy away from Bolt. Gay knows he will always be a footnote in the career that is one of the greatest sprinters of all time. So what better way to build his resume than to be the incredibly rare sprinter who competes in the 100m, 200m and 400m? Michael Johnson won the 200m and 400m. But all three? It's just not done at the World Championship level. Since Gay will never break Bolt's world-record times, and since he will never accomplish what Bolt did at the Olympics, it's his only shot to get out from Bolt's shadow.

Of course, Bolt has also talked about the long jump and 400m himself for after the London Olympics. Think these two have a rivalry going?