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Woman: Brett Favre sent me penis pics

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Cheerleader and model Jenn Sterger says that Brett Favre sent her pictures of his penis while she was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008 and he was the team's quarterback. Deadspin has the complete rundown of her allegations, which as of yet, do not contain any copies of the pictures.

A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin first heard Sterger's story earlier this year and has been trying to convince her to go public with what are the juiciest part of the story of her interactions with Favre:

The interactions were flirty and strange but she didn't think there wasn't anything that made her too uncomfortable. But then, one night, Sterger received a picture on her phone which was so shocking that she just tossed it across the room. It was his dick. Brett Favre's dick. And it happened multiple times. In fact, Sterger claims that, in one of the photos Favre allegedly sent her, he's masturbating — while wearing a pair of Crocs. In another photo, Favre is holding his penis while wearing the wristwatch he wore during his first teary-eyed retirement press conference.

Alas, no photos. But Daulerio did release part of an e-mail he got from Sterger earlier this year:

If there is a way to expose this dude for the creepy douche he is WITHOUT me being attached to it in any way that is fine. I just want to make it clear I never met him, saw him, etc... because I don't roll that way. That way meaning old.. or married. Some big boobed hoes have morals and souls believe it or not.

Deadspin has listened to voicemails of Sterger and Favre talking, so there clearly was some interaction. Whether Favre sent penis photos still remains to be seen; maybe they were intercepted on the way.