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Gay rock climbing event in California this spring

This spring, national LGBT rock-climbing group Homo Climbtastic will host its next major climbing trip in Bishop, Calif. The trip from April 14-18 will feature bouldering in some of the West’s most renowned boulder areas plus sport climbing in the incredible route-packed Owens River Gorge. The four-day convention already has an RSVP list over 50 and is expected to outpace last summer’s trip to West Virginia’s New River Gorge, which was at the time the largest gathering of gay climbers ever.

Homo Climbtastic is the two-year-old brainchild of Atlanta climber Alex Rowland and friends who set out to connect climbing gays across the country with organized rendezvous in insanely amazing climbing spots around the nation. HC quickly spawned a gaggle of local and like-minded clubs around North America, including groups in Austin, Toronto, Boston, Orlando, Vancouver and St. Louis. The national group will co-host April’s Bishop trip along with two local clubs, the L.A. Heel Hookers and the Bay Area’s Flame and Flash.

The Homo Climbtastic site does a great job of reflecting the tone of the group: Cheeky and carefree. Right there on the front is the question you came to the site for: "WTF is HC?" I also thought it was pretty funny that the national club's site has a section strictly for sexy photos of their male members. At least they know whom they're targeting!

Hat tip to Gavin Steckler for the news and update!