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Out athlete tells others to stay in the closet

Out lesbian German goalkeeper Ursula Holl continues a sad trend of out athletes trying to convince other athletes to not come out. Out Olympian Blake Skjellerup picked up on it last week and set the record straight (so to speak). First he got Holl's comments translated....

“I think it is problematic that gay players should come out,” referring to her male football colleagues. “The more you disclose about your personal life, the more vulnerable you are. And the fans in the stadium can be very, very cruel. These public hostilities would be difficult to bear…I would not advise any football player to come out.”

...then he put his spin (as an openly gay male athlete) on it:

Whether someone in professional sport wishes to come out or not is his or her own decision. It should not be forced upon them, and it should come in one’s own time. In saying that, the advice I offer is this: You are not alone. Many others just like you and me are out there. For me, coming out made my life better. I perform better, I live better, and life all around is generally better. If you are afraid of what you might lose, think about what you will gain. If one door closes, I can promise you that another will open.

Thankfully for every negative out athlete like Holl there is a positive out athlete like Skjellerup.