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Anton Hysen talks with Out magazine about dangers of online dating

Aaron Hicklin has a great piece on out Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen, who came out earlier this year. He talks about how he finds American men super hot, coming out to his mom (who already knew), and the dangers of online dating...

Like most celebrities, Hysén has had to come out twice. The first time, to his family and friends, was, he says, the hardest. He started by telling his mom he was bi. "She was, like, 'No shit, Sherlock. I saw you dump your girlfriend, the hottest girl in Stockholm. You're not bi, you're gay.' " He says he realizes now that his lack of interest in the girl, a model, was an obvious sign, but that it took time to understand why.

Gay dating sites helped clarify things, but they also opened him to public exposure. "I had a profile on this gay website, and I was talking to this person and he had a really good photo on the site," recalls Hysén. "We talked and talked, but it turned out that he wasn't actually the guy in the photo; he was a 50-year-old guy. He said, 'I'm going to pull pictures of you, and I'm going to say you're Hysén's son and you're gay.' And I was like, 'Get the fuck out of here, you're not going to do that.' "