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Straight Harvard wrestlers show their support as allies on National Coming Out Day

The Harvard wrestling team showed their endorsement of National Coming Out Day on Tuesday, gathering with rainbow pins and fun T-shirts to support gay athletes and students. One of the T-shirts worn by a wrestler summed it up perfectly: "Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it." From the Harvard Crimson:

Before their Tuesday afternoon practice, members of the Harvard varsity wrestling team posed for a picture on the steps in front of the Malkin Athletic Center. But instead of sporting their team uniforms in this photo, the athletes came in gay pride attire and rainbow pins that read “Proud Ally.” ...

According to wrestler David J. Lalo ’13, it was a non-resident tutor in Lowell House, Robert Joseph “R.J.” Jenkins, who inspired the team to participate in National Coming Out Day.

“[R.J.] has made a tremendous impact across our team,” Lalo said. “We wanted to show him we support the LGBT community.”

Read the full story and see more photos at the Harvard Crimson. For some reason they use the acronym BGLTQ for our community. Hadn't seen that one before.