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Outsports' It Gets Better video: Vincent Pryor, former college football player

Our latest video in Outsports’ partnership with the It Gets Better Project comes from Vincent Pryor, who was out to his teammates while playing defensive end for TCU in 1994. We chronicled his amazing story about how he set a school single-game sack record the week after coming out to his team.

“When you’re closeted and you’re not truly who you are, you’re not operating at 100 percent,” Pryor said. “If you could be free to be who you are, not only will you find people appreciate what you bring to the table because now you’re operating at 100 percent, but people will respect you more. At 100 percent, there’s no telling what you can accomplish."

Pryor is a rare football player who has come out, let alone been out to his team while playing. He is a perfect example of it getting better.