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Taking a date to a hockey game

From our friends at Puck Buddys comes a nice little story about Bobby and Jon and their date at a Dallas Stars NHL game. Bobby, 23, is a huge Stars fan and he realized his dating relationship with Jon was going well when he agreed to attend a game.

“I was so excited for him to see his first hockey game. It wasn’t like Jon and I were all over each other with public displays, but during the game we sat closer than straight guys normally would, and several times Jon clearly showed affection, like putting his hand on my thigh. We weren’t hiding anything, but at the time, we weren’t about to make out in front of a bunch of die-hard hockey fans. During the game Jon and I held hands, maybe blatantly obvious to passers-by, but if you looked hard enough you could definitely tell that Jon and I were a couple.

After our hockey game (he bought the tickets as a surprise), it got me thinking – will there ever be a time when I can go to a Stars game and not be afraid to kiss my boyfriend in between plays or periods? I think this is something every gay hockey fan has thought about at one point or another, and I’m curious to hear from other guys around here if they’ve been in the same position.

There's not much else to the story, no drama, but it did get me to thinking about whether other readers have taken dates to sporting events. If so, were you nervous about PDAs and did you try and pass as just a couple of buds hanging out? These are issues straight couples never have to think about.