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Aussie field hockey player Gus Johnston comes out in video

It was a month ago that we first stumbled across Aussie field hockey player Angus 'Gus' Johnston's coming out video (after the jump). For whatever reason, it was that story simply fell through the cracks here at Outsports. This weekend the Sydney Morning-Herald and the rest of the world took notice of his compelling 12-minute video, titled 'The Reality of Homophobia in Sport.'

Hockey Victoria's CEO Ben Hartung rejoiced the news in a written statement:

My personal respect for Gus was elevated even further on Monday of this week when he contacted me to notify me that he had produced a video to highlight his personal challenges and experiences in relation to his sexuality and that he would like me to watch the video. I am very grateful for the opportunity that Gus provided me because the video that I watched was extraordinarily powerful and thought provoking. In the video, Gus declares that he is a gay man and courageously he relates his personal journey in reaching this declaration.

You can find Johnston on Twitter.

Here's the video: