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Alleged closeted gay Div.1 football player taking your questions

We have no idea if this person is legit (and frankly, after the Mikey hoax, we wouldn't trust any anonymous person on the Internet). But someone on Reddit claims to be a starting offensive lineman in Div. 1 football. Jim and I have met a gay offensive lineman at a top program, so they're out there. And this guy is getting lots of attention - about 600 comments already.

In one comment he gave his thoughts on coming out:

I think about this a lot actually. One part of me feels like I should take advantage of the opportunity I have and come out publicly. The other part of me feels like an ass because I don't want to just yet.If I were to come out publicly, there would be so much good that can come out of it. I think one of the biggest things that it can do (which is the reason I feel like a dick for not coming out publicly) is help others out that are in a similar situation. I could use the platform of college football to make the voice of the LGBT community heard as well as help take down gay stereotypes.But then again, I do not feel mentally ready for all this. I've just learned in the past few months how to accept and love myself. Which is why I feel like a dick. If I heard a story about a gay college football player coming out to his team and community, etc. It would make my struggles so much easier seeing that there is someone I can identify with.

One tidbit left me scratching my head. He mentions that all his buddies have been contacted by agents, but he has not. When someone points out that contact with an agent is against NCAA rules, he covers it by slightly changing his story. Still possible, just left me a little more dubious.