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Team DC gives out awards, scholarships

Chris Cormier, center, with DCGFFL teammates

Team DC, the umbrella gay sports organization in Washington DC, handed out awards on Oct. 22 at their Champions Awards reception. The most impressive component of the awards are the scholarships given to student-athletes. Three athletes received college scholarships: Northern Virginia Community College's Joe Acevedo; Washington University's Nate Eckland; and University of Maryland's Justin Kanga.

Awards were also given to community leaders who have made an impact on the DC gay sports community. At the top of the list was Chris Cormier, architect behind the DC Gay Flag Football League, who won the group's MVP Award. Cormier said in his acceptance speech:

In the DC Gay Flag Football League, you can genuinely come as your big, gay, theater-loving, New England Patriots worshipping self. And in a world where we’re told by our beer commercials to “man up,” that’s a rare and beautiful thing.

When I first started playing flag football, I learned quickly that you can tell a lot about a person when you’re playing with or against them on the field. And not just who’s fast and who’s got good hands, but who’s dedicated, who’s honest, and who’s a team player. I can think of no better environment in which to build a community of friends.

Others receiving awards were Martin Espinoza of Stonewall Kickball (who also received the MVP Award), Brandon Waggoner (DC Gay Flag Football League), Phil Piga & Tony Watkins (Anywhere Goes), Town Danceboutique and Athlete Ally's Hudson Taylor.