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Two gay swimmers are among oldest Olympic trial qualifiers ever

Two openly gay swimmers have become two of the three oldest swimmers to ever qualify for the U.S. Olympic trials. Two 37-year-olds, Brian Jacobsen (right) from Minnesota and author Jeff Commings have accomplished the incredible, qualifying for the 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter breaststroke respectively. From

What a difference 10 years makes! Not only are openly gay swimmers visible all over the world - but swimming is also recognized as one of the most progressive and accepting sports with regard to sexual identity. And it's not just high school and college athletes - elite swimmers like Brian Jacobsen and Jeff Commings are proving that you can simultaneously embrace your sexual identity, your love of competition, and the desire so many athletes have to continue improving - not matter what their chronological age may be. Their accomplishments are historic and ground-breaking and I sincerely hope they don't go unnoticed!!

Congratulations to both Brian and Jeff on their inspiring accomplishments!