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Ex-teammates glad that David Testo came out, assume everybody knew

David Testo

Former teammates of David Testo, the pro soccer player who came out as gay, say they learned a lot from him about homosexuality and are glad he is at peace.

Nevio Pizzolitto believes most of the North American Soccer League knew Testo was gay, adding he thought “everybody” already knew.

“It wasn’t like it seemed like a huge secret,” Pizzolitto said. “That’s why he kinda surprised me when he came out, because I thought everybody already knew.

Pizzolitto played with Testo for the Montreal Impact and added that “he’s in a position where he can inspire a lot of people to do the same. Even though we’re professional athletes, we’re also human beings, and maybe something like this will change the minds of those in the same position. What David did was great.”

Another teammate from Testo' Vancouver days, Eduardo Sebrango, said he learned a lot from Testo about what it is like to be gay.

“I come from a country where there’s really, you know, a macho mentality,” said Sebrango, a Cuban-born Canadian citizen. “I think things are getting better, but for guys who are gay in professional sport, especially, things are a lot harder. But being in Quebec and Montreal, especially, people here are much more accepting, and I think David felt like this was home for him, more than when we were in Vancouver."

It's cool to hear their reactions and shows again the importance of being out, of putting a face to something that many people used to think of in the abstract. Testo has been overwhelmed by the reaction, as he told Outsports, and his story has the capacity to make a difference.