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Former sportscaster Damian Goddard goes on the attack against same-sex marriage

Earlier this year when sports agent Todd Reynolds Tweeted his disappointment with Sean Avery's support of gay marriage, then-Sportsnet broadcaster Damian Goddard Tweeted his opposition to marriage as well. Goddard's contract with Sportsnet was quickly terminated. Now Goddard is on the attack, lashing out at same-sex marriage in a new video (after the jump) for Maggie Gallagher's new anti-gay organization, Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance. Plus he's taken on a role as spokesperson for the group:

According to Good As You, Sportsnet says they had good reasons to cancel Goddard's contract. Glad he's found work somewhere, since I doubt he'll find another gig in sports. He's turned his Twitter account into a religious ministry advocating legal discrimination.

Hat tip to Towleroad.