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Up-and-coming track and field compete at Ostrava 2011

With 2012 being an Olympics year, we will turning our attention to sports that don't get a lot of attention normally in the U.S. One of them is the decathlon, where the winner of the gold medal is crowned the world's greatest athlete. It's hard to argue since the winner has to master 10 different disciplines.

At Ostrava, Czech Republic, this summer, the European Under 23 games were held and it featured athletes who will be Olympians next year or in 2016. Our good friend at Trackpic has an extensive gallery of more than 1,900 photos from all the track and field events. He sent us this sample of some of the track and field athletes as they warmed up for their competition:

Click on image for larger view and on that image for a full-size view.

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