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Star magazine: Kim Kardashian says Kris Humphries is gay

I guess we should have seen this coming. Take a celebrity break-up, toss in a big-mouth bitchy diva, mix in a hot, metrosexual 20-something and voila! We have a Star magazine gay rumor.

This time they have Kim Kardashian labeling her soon-to-be-ex-husband, NBA player Kris Humphries, gay. The tell-tale signs? He dresses well...he gets his nails done...and he shaves guys' armpits! Isn't that what all gay men do? I mean, those three things alone...if you add in "wants to spend time with a Kardashian" it's just a recipe for gay! gay! GAY!

For more "Kris is gay" gossip from star, head over the BoyCulture or Star magazine.

Hat tip to Towleroad.