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Will Tim Tebow appear in a Denver Broncos 'It Gets Better' video?

The latest effort to pick up some steam is a petition asking the Denver Broncos to create an 'It Gets Better' video. No professional team in Colorado has made one, and Denver resident Andy Szekeres wants the Orange Crush to be the first.

The big question I have, and I know it's on the minds of others: Would outspoken Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow appear in such a video? He isn't afraid to take a position, fighting against abortion, appearing in a national commercial for anti-gay Focus on the Family, and telling every camera he can get in front of that Jesus Chris is his lord and savior. Would The Anointed One appear in a video in support of LGBT youth? I highly doubt it...but I also picked the Lions to win the NFC North, so I'm not batting 1.000.