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Joe Flacco of the Ravens has the NFL's ugliest mustache photo

My friend Brent had the best reaction to that growth sprouting from the face of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, on display before a national TV audience Sunday night:

As soon as I saw Flacco with his attempt to go all gay butch in the 70's - I knew the Ravens were doomed.

Hah! The Ravens were doomed, losing 31-14 to the Chargers, as Flacco played as ugly as his mustache. Baltimore had been 3-0 since Flacco, normally a good-looking guy, decided to go Fu Manchu. From

“We’re keeping it because I want everybody on the offense to catch on," Flacco told WNST-AM. "Me and (tight end) Dennis Pitta want some people to start wearing them just to be funny, just to have fun. I mean, it's getting late in the year and we wanted to have fun with something ... and break up the monotony a little bit. Last year, I grew a beard, and this year, I just decided to do this."

Alex Smith of the 49ers (big winners against the Steelers Monday night) is another great-looking guy ruining things with facial hair that doesn't work for him, but even he is not as cringe-worthy as Flacco. Now that the mustache has lost, it's time to break out the razor and find a new way to break up the monotony.

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