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Gay-positive sports-fan video getting some play in Montenegro

Marc Naimark of the Federation of Gay Games tracked down an interesting video from Eastern Europe that shows...cover the kids' eyes...two gay sports fans kissing! The video was produced by Danilo Marunovic, who lives in Montenegro's capital city of Podgorica. From the video's YouTube page:

Video clip "We are part of the team!", by Danilo Marunovic, was produced by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and LGBT Forum Progress in cooperation with Coala Production, with support of Canadian Embassy.

The aim of the project "It's OK to be different", which part is this video clip, is to contribute to the development of the culture of human rights and sustainable democratic society through the series of activities, with the focus on strengthening of social capacities in promotion of LGBT rights and anti discrimination policies.

Not surprisingly, based in homophobic Eastern Europe, it has 1,000 'dislikes' and only 600 'likes.'

One of the things I like the most about it is just how non-stereotypical it is. Most people would have found the two hottest, fittest guys for the kiss. Instead, the director found a frumpy, overweight, floppy-haired guy for the kiss. Very cool.