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Retired Swedish Olympian Kajsa Bergqvist divorces man to be with a woman

Kajsa Bergqvist is well-known in the track and field community as a champion high jumper from Sweden, winning an Olympic bronze medal in 2000 and the world title in 2005. She has now gone public, confirming that she is in a relationship with a woman, after divorcing her husband, Swedish film director Måns Herngren about a year ago. She is profiled in the upcoming issue of the Swedish gay magazine QX. From an online translation, Bergqvist said:

We would like to take this at our own pace, and it is only now when and Kristina have been together for a while that we feel secure with each other and in the relationship. Therefore, we felt that we could come out with this. I think it's going to be extremely nice to avoid all speculation and rumors.

She described her relationship with Kristina as "fantastic," and said it was her desire for privacy, not that she is dating a woman, that was the reason for not coming forward sooner.

Thanks to our good friend Finneye for this item.