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Shirtless Air Force video yanked after it shows up on gay websites

Cadet Elijah shows his abs

Two weeks ago, we reported on a fun and cool video of Air Force Academy cadets doing a shirtless lip-synch in their underwear to the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It." The song was their entry for a "spirit" video prior to the Nov. 5 college football game against Army, but was banned by academy as being "inappropriate." Now, the video has been removed from the site that posted it after it got widespread links from gay websites.

Outsports was the catalyst for the heavy linking. In the days after we first posted it, the video was mentioned on numerous gay website. Sites with heavy traffic like Towleroad and Dan Savage also picked up the video and they caused the view count on the YouTube page to leap in a day. Then reader Warren C. E. Austin noticed something last week:

This video has apparently been taken “private” and therefore out-of-bounds; nor, are Six Star Productions continuing to host it; nor, are they making any mention of it on their channel at YouTube; censorship apparently having done its’ job.

He's right. The video is marked "private" and there is no way of knowing exactly how many views it has gotten. It might just be coincidental that the video disappeared just when it was getting wide play on gay websites (all of which loved it). But just days prior to Outsports linking to it, smaller gay sites had linked to the same video posted on another YouTube account that is still active.

In November, four of the cadets went on a show hosted by Gayle Bass of, where they talked about why the video was made and where Bass asked them "who has better abs, the Air Force or the Army?" These guys seemed to love the attention, especially the tight-bodied Elijah who is the star of the video.

It's not clear who ordered the video yanked. The cadets clearly enjoyed doing it and talking about it to the mainstream media. But someone noticed the gays were also enjoying it and that weirded that someone out. But never fear. Another YouTube user (apparently from Russia or somewhere they they use the Cyrillic alphabet) has saved it for your viewing pleasure and I doubt anyone from the Air Force can get this one yanked: