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Michael Irvin's favorite Madonna songs are like Tim Tebow's: 'Like a Virgin' and 'Like a Prayer'

With the announcement that Madonna will stage the halftime performance for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Marshall Faulk asked Michael Irvin what is his favorite Material Girl song.

Well probably the same one Tebow has, you know. Probably 'Like a Virgin' and 'Like a Prayer.'

Tebow has publicly declared his virginity until marriage. And he prays privately, publicly, before games, during games, after games....

Irvin has been effusive in his love for Tebow over the last few months, and he's also got a fantastic sense of humor. Video of him revealing his favorite Madonna songs, and also of his Tebow-inspired Christmas present from Santa Claus (Irvin picked the Broncos to go to the Super Bowl)...