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Jonathan Vilma, Vonta Leach say men 'should not hav female tendencies'

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma caught some fire on Wednesday night when he Tweeted about how grown men should behave, and many say he's making a comment on sexual orientation. If he wasn't, it's hard to imagine what exactly he was referring to, given the emphatic period...

Baltimore Ravens fullback Vonta Leach, who was just selected to the Pro Bowl, quickly retweeted Vilma:

It's hard to think Vilma and Leach are not including gay men in the crosshairs of Vilma's rant. When a Tweeter named Zumbawithchris Tweeted to Vilma, "Just read what you said, and then consider how a gay man might feel. Consider how women might feel," Vilma's response was pretty telling:

In one of my brief conversations with former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, he talked about heated conversations in the locker room about gay issues. I have to believe after that Tweet Fujita was mixing it up with a not-too-worldly Jonathan Vilma.

At the very least, Vilma's comments are terribly sexist, nasty and mean. All while the NFL is desperately trying to draw in more female fans.

We know a couple gay Saints fans in New Orleans who may prefer sex with men, but they are the furthest guys from "female tendencies" I can think of. I wonder what he'd say to their faces.

Hat tip to Robert Francis.